Marvelous Magicians

Whether performing an amazing show or strolling amongst your party guests, let our world class magicians dazzle and delight you with their feats of wonder. All of our Magicians are members of the historic Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Magician Brick Tilley

Magician David Groves

Magician David Skale

SO FABULOUS! When our magician came, he knew just what to do. Without any direction from me, he knew when to make jokes, when to do magic, when to break out the face paint and when to start a new game away from me and the cake. What a wonderful way to enjoy your own child's party! He was funny and fun and the office staff are a pleasure to work with, even on VERY short notice. My friend had him for a 5-year- old's party, he was great. He was just as amazing at my son's 8th birthday. Can't say enough about how great it was to have Happiness Unlimited as additional entertainment at my son's sport birthday party. Our Magician could have been the main show, but at our party, he was perfect for the children who weren't into the sport, children waiting their turn and ME, who didn't have to shoo children one way or another! Thank you so much!

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